Impact of environment & people well being on baby development

The well-being of children is dependent on both the well-being of the environments that influence them and the well-being of individuals who care about, protect and direct them. In developed and deprived settings, the well-being of caregivers and populations depends intimately on the well-being of their own environments. It is also possible to have a substantial positive effect on each of these main determinants of children’s well-being by maintaining or improving the well-being of natural environments.

By playing important roles in food and nutrition, water and sanitation, disease and immunity, physical and mental growth, and hope and survival, the natural environment directly influences the well-being of children. Indirectly, the natural environment affects the well-being of children, especially in developing and disadvantaged contexts, by promoting the capacity of caregivers to meet their material needs, their ability to access educational and cultural services for themselves and their families, and the quality of their physical and mental health caregivers.

The growth of a child is affected by a wide variety of variables that are governed by both nature and nurture. Understanding some of these variables may assist parents to meet the needs of their infant. The atmosphere in which your child grows up in, attention, affection provided by parents, acceptance by parents in everyday life, overall diet can have a significant impact on his/her life. His/her family is one of the most important factors affecting the growth of your child. Regardless of who is the primary caregiver of your child, you and your spouse, older siblings, or friends, the bonding given within a family home helps physically and emotionally nurture and protect your child.

Families who spend quality time with their kids build a safe bond with their kids and thus the kid develops with strong bond and trust. In his/her positive development and progress, the time you spend in nurturing your kid will reflect. In order to connect better with your kid, there are many things you can do. You should make it a point to frequently read to him, thereby setting up a routine and helping you both bond with each other. It is also important to play with your baby, both to build a close bond and to help him learn their motor skills.

You should also communicate with your child simply. Nutrition is essential for a child’s physical and mental development. Pregnant women would need a healthy diet, as malnutrition can lead to issues such as low birth weight, pregnancy complications, birth defects, slow growth, and so on. Habits such as improper or excessive food can lead to weight gain, obesity, diabetes, stunted growth, lethargy, and a host of other abnormalities in children. Breast milk is the perfect food consisting of calories, fats, proteins, minerals, vitamins, antibodies, and everything else a growing baby requires. Infants survive on mother’s milk.

Breastfed children are less likely to become obese, have low cholesterol levels, and have increased intelligence. You should supplement your child’s diet with solid foods after the first six months. Make sure your child gets micronutrients such as vitamin A, iodine, and iron because the absence of these can cause serious problems such as vision defects, goitre, cretinism, anaemia, etc. These issues have been associated with impaired motor skills and the social development of babies.

There are several important ways you can build a positive environment for your baby:
1. Using constructive encouraging words are some essential ways to build a positive environment for your child.
2. Always say sorry for your mistakes and allow the same to your child.
3. Promptly fix the issue at hand, and do not let it take root.
4. Show love and comfort. Limit electronics each day to at least one hour and spend quality time.
5. Implement what you preach, and your kids will obey.

As a parent, introducing your child to the right kind of atmosphere is your responsibility, as it will have a direct effect on his or her actions, learning, and personality. There is no parenting manual that can inform you about the right collection of opportunities that you can have for your child, but you have to try to be there for him/her as much as possible. Keeping your home atmosphere calm and caring, interacting with your children, giving them the love, affection, attention and acceptance they need to develop and prosper is the main thing to remember.

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