Process to Conceive Healthy baby

conceive healthy baby

Research by Mayo Clinic, USA, and scientists at Oxford Academic, if a fertile couple does proper intercourse for 6 rhythm cycles, i.e. natural family planning cycle then they have above 99% possibility to conceive healthy baby

To use the rhythm method follow these important steps –

  • Document the length of 6 to 12 of your menstrual cycles. Write down the number of days in a menstrual cycle by using a calendar, counting from the first day of your period to the first day of your next period.
  • Determine the duration of the shortest menstrual cycle you have. In your shortest cycle, deduct 18 from the total number of days. The first fertile day of your cycle is represented by this figure. For example, subtract 18 from 26, which equals 8, if your shortest cycle is 26 days long. In this case, the first day of your cycle is the first day of menstrual bleeding, and the first fertile day is the eighth day of your cycle.
  • Determine the duration of the longest menstrual cycle that you have. In your longest cycle, deduct 11 from the total number of days. The last fertile day of your cycle is represented by this number. For instance, subtract 11 from 32, which equals 21, if your longest cycle is 32 days long. In this example, the first day of your cycle is the first day of menstrual bleeding and the 21st day of your cycle is the last fertile day.
  • During fertile days, schedule sex carefully. Unprotected sex is off-limits during your fertile days, every month if you are trying to prevent pregnancy. On the other hand, during your fertile days, if you are trying to get pregnant, have sex regularly.
  • Each month, update your calculations. Continue to monitor the duration of your menstrual cycles to make sure you calculate your fertile days correctly.

If even after 6 cycles you are not getting pregnant then you should consult a doctor for further suggestions on fertility issues. Stress plays a very vital role so follow the methods derived by UpTodd to ascertain stress relief.

How to conceive for a bright & healthy child?

  1. Both partners should leave smoking and alcohol two weeks before the intercourse.
  2. Place a few air-purifying plants in the room, air purification, and natural air is essential.
  3. Place a warm red light to sleep, warm red light is a source to give sound sleep.
  4. Daily play soothing classical music, this calms all the stress and boosts the capacity to conceive.
  5. Place light blue curtains in the room, a source of active energy.
  6. Practice Anulom Vilom, Yoga Nidra, and Shavasana regularly for 30 minutes.
  7. Wear yellow, green, white, and light blue cloths most often, right colours gives required stimulation,
  8. Any kind of medication to be completely avoided, unless the doctor recommended.
  9. Meet doctor at immediate in case of any illness as this may hamper the chances to conceive,
  10. Both partners should be healthy and less than 38-40 years of age for the best results.
  11. Have less screen time for better chances and a healthy baby.

In case of stress endeavour Yoga and soothing music as it avails you to relax, you require to plan it thoroughly. So, plan astutely and relish the upcoming pregnancy news, we’ll be waiting for sweets :D.