Baby toys for child’s brain development

In a research conducted by researchers from the psychology department of Tufts University and the Department of Brain and cognitive sciences of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA concluded the healthy relation of exploratory toys to IQ level, observational skills, and thinking power of the babies. In the Initial days, toys play a very vital role in the baby’s cognitive development.

If play is childhood work, then toys are the instruments of the trade. All kids learn by playing, but not all kids play naturally. It doesn’t always come to adults automatically, either! But with practice, adults can learn how to help kids with special needs communicate their feelings, emotions, talents, past experiences, and future goals while playing.

The ultimate aim of the play is to acquire daily life skills: to understand cause and effect, to relate to another person, to learn to adjust to new situations or familiar circumstances with a twist and to find imaginative solutions to problems.

Toys should also facilitate sensory processing and addressing: tactile (touch), auditory (sound), vestibular (movement), visual (sight), and proprioception (muscle and joint input). Knowing what forms of sensory feedback your child likes or dislikes is very critical. For infants, certain sensory stimuli may be distracting and make them feel anxious.

So, what are the suggestions of toys which should be given to babies as per the guidelines and objectives?

  • For the babies, less than 3 months, prefer only black and white colour toys as they have the monochrome vision, use different shape sponge toys, place a few animals and birds near the baby. At this age, you should be more engaging with activities and less dependent on toys.
  • For babies more than 3 months involve following things in toys – Musical set, Moving car, Puzzles, stacking up, Alphabets and Numbers based toys, toys linked to physical outdoor sports which can be played by the baby being indoor and observational-based toys.

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Babies are ready to learn and have a desire to explore the world around them. For them, any new form, colour, texture, taste, and sound is a learning experience. Giving healthy and exciting toys to your baby will help him explore his senses. Rattles and music-making toys are infants’ favourites. Toys with contrasting colours fascinate babies and inspire their vision to grow. As they develop, toys may be used by infants to explore object permanence and relationships of cause and effect. To help them develop motor skills and hand-eye coordination, they will need things like blocks.

The colour of toys also plays a very important role in the cognitive and overall growth of the baby.

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