Why Wooden Toys Must be Your Baby’s Toys

The baby toys industry is completely revolutionzing. If there is a debate about the perfect baby toys, wooden toys will reach the closest mark.

And wouldn’t they?

Wooden Toys Benefits:


One of the fascinating characteristics of wooden toys is that they are crafted with natural raw wood. If not, their substitutes are also nature-deriving, for example, pine, cedar, birchwood, rubberwood, bamboo, etc. So they are entirely safe for children to put in their mouths. The paints or colours used in those toys are also chemical-free. The sole purpose of giving wooden baby toys a colour so that they look appealing to the babies and the wood is safe for prolonged use. Plastic baby toys contain harmful substances like BPA, phthalates, etc., and these chemicals can harm young babies.

2. Environmentally sustainable

Wooden toys are environment friendly – for instance, after use. You can give them for recycling, and they will degrade in the atmosphere over time, leaving no harmful residue or gases. Unlike plastic toys, they have the most negligible probability of environmental degradation. Even if they do, they release toxic gases like BPA, PCBs, etc., in landfills or oceans, polluting the atmosphere.

3. Lasting

Still, people look down upon the wooden baby toys as a traditional play. But the thought is gravitating, and it’s for the better. With the advantages of being a more robust material, wooden toys are more durable than plastic baby toys. The broken sharp edges of plastic toys can hurt the baby’s gentle & moisturized skin, leading to cuts & bleeding, commonly known drawback of broken plastic toys. Yes, these toys have longer life, and their most significant share is that they can be passed down through generations, leaving you thinking that your children and grandchildren may outgrow them by playing with the same baby toys.

4. Enhances Imagination Skills

Wooden toys makers put scientific research & thoughts in making those toys. That’s why each & every baby toy has a versatile design for the baby to learn & grow. For example, the wooden blocks have open-ends. Hence, it forces the baby to use their imagination & creativity to build & mix & match different shapes and structures of the toys. Therefore, encouraging the baby to experiment with different configurations & boosts the creative skills within the self.

5. Anxiety Cutback

To your surprise, even younger children can experience anxiety, and it’s majorly due to overstimulation, which the baby is picking unknowingly with loud noise/ music and bright glossy colours from the plastic baby toys. Wooden toys usually have soft colour tones that are eye-catching yet calm the baby. Hence, the quieter the baby, the higher the imaginative play possibilities.

6. Promotes Sensory & Cognitive Development
Since the wooden toys doesn’t lose its texture even after moulding it into multiple times to make a baby toy. And it’s for the good.
The divergent texture & weight of the wooden toys allow the babies to have sensory experiences, and understanding different physical attributes will encourage the baby to think, reason and apply logic. Hence promoting cognitive development.

7.Motor Skills development
Balancing & lifting are the most common actions a baby performs while playing with toys. Thus, inadvertently, the baby will develop hand-eye coordination, strengthing the hand muscles, etc. Hence, helping the baby to develop motor skills & prepare for later life, say holding a pencil, etc.

8. Langauge Development

Believe it or not?

Apart from the humans, these natural toys can teach children language & speech skills. This is so because those baby toys usually have name labels or numbers. So a child can learn things – for example, colour names, animal names & more while playing and cultivating vocabulary building.

9. Social & Emotional Development
If one pays attention, most wooden toys are made for playing with a partner, say a friend or a parent. Playing with a partner engages the child in communication, sharing ideas & more. Hence, helping the child to build social & emotional skills plus language development is a bonus here.

So, why not gift a child a hug of comfort, playing & leaning in one packet through wooden toys

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