Massaging a 0-6 months baby

Baby massage

0-6 Months baby Massage

The gentle, rhythmic stroking of your baby’s body with your hands is known as baby massage. You could gently handle your baby’s ankles, wrists, and fingers as part of a massage practice. Massages are useful and therapeutic for babies since they promote blood circulation and contribute to their general development.Baby massages are an excellent approach to bring you and your child closer together. As you connect with your young one, trust and communication grow. Your soothing touch will also make your 0-6 Months baby feel cherished

Need for baby massage:

Parents try to pamper and nurture their newborns in whatever way they can. Giving a baby a delicate massage is one way to show your love and concern. 

There are numerous advantages of massaging newborns.

  • Massage for a fair amount of time will aid your baby’s sleep.
  • Teething is an unpleasant experience for infants. Endorphins, which reduce pain, are released during a good facial massage.
  • Gases and constipation are frequent issues among infants. Simple movements while massage can help alleviate this discomfort.
  • Massage can also aid in the development of bones and joints in newborns.

Number of times and Duration of 0-6 Months baby Massage:

It is recommended that you massage your newborn once every day during the first few weeks following birth. This helps to calm them down and improves digestion. After a few weeks, you can gradually increase to 3-4 times each day. During the first week, use gentle strokes and gradually increase the pressure as your baby becomes accustomed to it.

It is recommended to avoid massaging your baby after a feed or before bedtime because they may get overly relaxed and asleep. Find a moment when your little one is alert and happy. A baby massage should last about 15-20 minutes for mental and physical development. 

Step-by-step guide for 0-6 Months baby Massage

Step-1 : Begin by rubbing your baby’s feet with a gradual, soft, but firm touch. Stroke from the heel to the toe, then focus on each toe individually, spreading them out and gently pulling each one.

Step-2 : Now move on to your baby’s legs, smoothing them down and gently straightening them out. Gently push your baby’s knees up towards his or her tummy. If your baby has trapped wind or is constipated, this maneuver will be beneficial.

Step-3 : Gently place your hands on your baby’s chest. Stroke out to their shoulders, then down each arm to their wrists. Stretch your baby’s arms out gently. Spread your baby’s hands, rubbing the palm and individually massage each finger. 

Step-4 : Massage your baby’s tummy gently. Use one or both hands to make clockwise circular strokes.

Step-5 : Massage your baby’s face with your fingertips only. Stroke from the center of the brow outward, around the eyes, and down and in towards the cheeks. Massage the crown of your baby’s head lightly in a circular motion.

Step-6 : If your baby is calm and content lying on their front, roll them over to rub their back. Long, slow strokes from head to toe are recommended. Lift the heel of each leg and gently extend it up towards your baby’s bottom.

After Care for 0-6 Months baby Massage

  1. Dress Comfortably : Make sure the baby is dressed in a comfortable, relaxing and soft breathable fabric clothing. It will help the baby to relax and move body freely.
  2. Hydrate: After massaging the baby, now its time to hydrate them by providing proper breastfeed or formula milk, whatever they take. So that they are again recharged with the energy required.
  3. Soothing and calm environment: Keep the lights dim and the environment cozy so that the baby can relax and even fall asleep.

Baby massages provide a wonderful and soothing opportunity for bonding with your baby. However, not all parents find it comes naturally. If massaging your infant doesn’t yield immediate results, don’t become discouraged. It may take some practice to perfect the technique. With each repetition, you strengthen your loving connection with your child. Keep practicing, even if you don’t master infant massages right away. Your child will appreciate your efforts.

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