UpTodd Partners with MOM Influencer Asha Solanki to Provide a Bright Start for Babies

MOM Influencer Asha Solanki

Welcoming a newborn into the world is a joyous occasion, but it also marks the beginning of a challenging journey for new mothers. UpTodd is proud to announce its partnership with the Instagram MOM Influencer Asha Solanki, owner of instagram handle Manya_solanki. Together, we embark on a mission to support and guide new mothers in laying a strong foundation for their babies’ first three years of life.

Meet Our Official Partner Ambassador, MOM Influencer Asha Solanki

Asha Solanki is a leading influencer with a passion for assisting new mothers at various levels through. As our official partner ambassador, she plays a pivotal role in helping mothers navigate the challenges of early motherhood. Asha Solanki’s expertise and influence seamlessly align with our shared vision of making the world a better place for the upcoming generation. Together, we are dedicated to providing a bright start to their lives through informed and compassionate parenting.

UpTodd’s Unique Approach: At UpTodd, we understand the importance of those critical early years in a child’s development. Our approach is meticulously curated, leveraging insights from 10,000+ research papers and collaborations with experts from MIT, Stanford, IITs, and AIIMS. This ensures a robust, evidence-based foundation for our programs.

Our program integrates techniques from globally recognized methodologies, including:

  1. Early stimulation from Glenn Doman.
  2. Montessori’s emphasis on independence and exploration.
  3. Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences from Harvard University.
  4. Waldorf’s holistic approach.
  5. The Reggio Emilia Approach’s focus on creativity.
  6. Indigenous parenting and mindful parenting.

Empowering Babies Worldwide: UpTodd’s comprehensive approach empowers babies worldwide to thrive and reach their full potential with evidence-based guidance. By blending best practices from various educational philosophies, we provide each child with a personalized and holistic learning experience.

Exclusive Offer for Asha Solanki’s Community

As a special token of appreciation for joining us on this journey, we’re offering an exclusive 25% flat discount on any program when you use the coupon code “asha25” This discount is our way of extending gratitude to the members of Asha Solanki’s community. Click to Book Demo Now

Join UpTodd and Asha Solanki in our mission to make the world a better place for the next generation. Together, we strive to provide new mothers with the knowledge and tools they need to give their babies a bright start in their first three years of life. Embrace the opportunity to nurture your little ones and guide them towards a happy, healthy future.

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