Celebrate This Christmas with UpTodd’s Free 30-Day Positive Parenting Challenge

positive parenting challenge

This Christmas season, UpTodd brings you a special gift – our free 30-Days Positive Parenting Challenge, tailored for parents with children aged 0-3 years. It’s a festive and fun way to bond with your little one and usher in the new year with positive parenting experiences.

Challenge Overview

Starting from Christmas Day, join us for a journey filled with daily activities that aim to enhance your child’s development and bond with your baby. Each day will present a new opportunity to engage in enriching, playful, and developmental tasks.

How to Participate – It’s Free!

  1. Follow the Daily Task: Our blog and Instagram Story will feature the upcoming day’s task every day.
  2. Share Your Experience: Complete the task and share your story on Instagram with the tag @uptoddler
  3. Earn Rewards: All participants who share their daily journey will receive a Certificate of Participation. Plus, the standout parent, as chosen by our jury, wins an exclusive UpTodd Giveaway Kit!

Week-by-Week Fun and Learning

Week1: Festive Bonding and Communication

  • Focus: Creating warm, emotional connections through holiday-themed stories and songs.
  • Preview: Christmas storytelling, carol singing, and more!

Week2: Sensory Winter Wonderland

  • Focus: Exploring the senses with winter-inspired activities.
  • Preview: Get ready for sensory snow play, jingle bell music, and more.

Week3: Emotional Warmth

  • Focus: Nurturing emotional growth during the holiday season.
  • Preview: Activities include crafting gratitude trees, sharing holiday joys, and practicing patience while waiting for Santa.

Week4: New Year Cognitive and Language Skills

  • Focus: Preparing for the New Year with cognitive and language development.
  • Preview: Countdown activities, New Year word games, and festive puzzles.

Week5: Reflection and Celebration

  • Focus: Reflecting on the month’s activities and celebrating your child’s growth.
  • Preview: A time to cherish your journey and look forward to a year of continued positive parenting.

Why Join Our Christmas Challenge?

  • Create Christmas Magic: Make this festive season extra special with daily bonding activities.
  • Support Development: Each activity is carefully designed to promote your child’s growth in fun and engaging ways.
  • Join a Community: Share your experiences and learn from a supportive community of parents.
  • Expert-Designed Activities: Benefit from tasks crafted by child development experts.
  • Win Prizes: Celebrate your dedication with certificates and a chance to win an exclusive UpTodd kit!

What better way to celebrate Christmas and welcome the new year than by joining our 30-Day Positive Parenting Challenge? This free program is our gift to you, filled with joy, learning, and unforgettable memories. Let’s make this festive season a time of growth, happiness, and positive parenting!

Day Preview – Starting 22nd Dec, 2023

Day 1 Task Preview: Get ready for “Christmas Story Time” – a cozy storytelling session with your little one. Pick out a festive storybook to start this exciting journey!

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