Holistic Development in Newborns

holistic development

From the minute a child is born, the child embarks on the journey of growth & development. Every aspect of their life, for example, how they are talked about and every experience, plays a significant role in shaping the child’s present & future. Hence, the holistic development.

Children must be nourished and nurtured from a young age & one of the simplest ways of promoting a child is through communication so that the child can adjust to the ever-changing world. 

Thus, this blog will further tell about the importance of communication in a child’s holistic development. 

initiating meaningful communications with the child for Holistic Development

Children’s first form of communication is crying, so if the child is crying, it’s not always the hunger. Here, crying can also signal discomfort/ pain, wanting attention, etc. So try to listen & understand the child. 

Before the words, a child learns to communicate through expressions, so always make eye contact with the baby. In addition, try to point at the maximum possible things.

For example, while saying, “When are the baby’s eyes?” point at the eyes.

Expressive talking helps the baby with communication & language skills even before the baby starts talking. 

Always speak clearly with the baby and use the simpler words of the language that you think the baby will understand. This will help the baby to form a strong vocabulary, considering the baby is still young. 

Understand and respect your child’s feelings and try to resolve them by talking. 

For instance, children aged 2 to 3 seek control over things. If not permitted, they resort to crying/ shouting, etc. Instead, try to communicate with the child, ask about what happened and find a middle ground. This encourages the child to see the positive side of talking. 

Encourage the child to solve the problems independently without judgment. This way, the child will build problem-solving skills from a young age. 

Active listening to the child helps in making communication better. Also, repetition of sounds or words or sentences after them makes the babies feel loved and strengthens the relationship. 

Making communication a primary step for children’s holistic development. 

Holistic development features progress in social/emotional skills, physical & mental growth and spiritual success. Thus, the value of a comprehensive approach is:

  • It helps the child with problem-solving skills, linking themselves with upcoming opportunities for better control. 
  • Sefl-expression comes in handy and fills the child with confidence and self-esteem for who they are and what they are doing. 
  • They create meaningful conversations with people around them and develop relationships at schools, friends, and workplaces. 
  • Children will own refined verbal and literacy skills. 
  • Noticeably more open to positive and negative feedback when compared to the other children of the same age. 

All the aspects might not be visible at the moment, but as the children progress through the milestones, the parents will have observable productive differences in the children. Therefore, why not give the child the gift of communication for its comprehensive development today? 

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