Newborn Skin Care Tips For Winters

Effective newborn skin care is of paramount importance, particularly in the face of varying weather conditions that can pose potential harm to your baby’s delicate skin. With the arrival of winter, it becomes even more essential to provide the extra protection and care that your baby’s skin needs to stay healthy and comfortable. The cold and dry air during the winter season can strip the skin of its natural moisture, leading to dryness, irritation, and discomfort for your little one.

Baby’s Skincare in Winter 

The dry and cold air holds less moisture, making the baby’s skin dry because your precious one’s skin’s epidermis is three to five times thinner compared to adults, thus making them more prone to climatic changes. Some fair signs of a baby’s skin responding to climate change are:    

No more rosy red cheeks 

If you observe, some babies might have rosy red cheeks with some fissures. This indicates the baby’s dry cheeks due to the cold atmosphere. 

Chapped Lips:

Due to drier air indoors and outdoors, the moisture from the lips tends to wash away, and that’s why the babies have chapped or dry lips during colder months. 


  • Dandruff is common in babies but indicates that the baby might have a dry scalp.
  • Minute dandruff is always treatable at home with hydrating oils, etc.

That being said, below are tips for winter’s Skin

Newborn Skin Care


  • Apply a good moisturiser to the baby with powerful moisturising agents like almond oil enriched in Vitamin E, pure shea butter with no added chemicals, oat oil, coconut oil, etc. 
  • Before using any moisturiser, list the ingredients carefully and check for allergies. 
  • Barring moisturisers, ointments and thicker creams are also becoming popular options, but choosing the right moisturiser depends upon the baby’s needs and the climate. 


  • Regular bathing of the baby is essential to maintain a routine, plus hygiene maintanence is also important.
  • However, sometimes, babies don’t need regular bathing in a colder period. Instead, clean the baby with a fresh cloth or soft sponge damper with warm water. 
  • This is because frequent bathing leads to the loss of natural oils and can accelerate the skin-drying process. 
  • Also, moisturising the baby’s entire body immediately after drying is essential. 

Water Temperature – Bathtime 

On the bath days, ensure the water is neither hot nor cold, just the right temperature. So that the baby’s skin moisture is maintained and ‘tiny, you’ can enjoy the bath time. 

Mindful about the newborn skincare products 

  • The soaps/ shampoos/ shower gels must be free from detergents and sulphates because both are highly effective in removing grease & oils. Hence leading to stripping of natural oils from the baby’s skin. Thus making it more prone to drying. 
  • Also, the newborn skin care products being used must be scented-free, that is, having no smell or alcohol. The alcohol leads to itchiness or redness of the skin and strips away the natural oil. Thus making the baby’s skin itchier & drier. 

Hydrating Massaging Oils 

  • Another great way to lock moisture for a day is through massages. Massages are part of their routine, helping the baby to grow stronger. 
  • So, using massaging oil has both the properties of strength and & hydrating. For example, coconut oil, olive oil & more, but in recommended quantities. However, it is always essential to consult a doctor before exposing the baby to any such oils because it might be allergic. 

Maintaining the Room’s Temperature 

  • Prolonged closed rooms build a warmer aim surroundings, and the warm air, in turn, withdraws the moisture from the baby’s skin. Thus, it is crucial to occasionally maintain an airflow in the room to sustain a suitable temperature. 
  • If the air inside the house/room is dehydrated, use a humidifier for better air circulation and temperature maintenance so the baby feels comfortable.


Winters are harsh & delicate, especially for the baby’s skin. Consequently, adding moisturisers and hydrating agents in the baby’s skin care products adds value to the newborn skincare products during winter months. 

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